Forex Trading Account Fund Management


Trading account fund management is a critical aspect of financial success in the world of investment and trading. It involves the careful allocation, monitoring, and optimization of capital to execute various trading strategies and achieve financial goals. Traders and investors utilize trading accounts to buy and sell financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, or cryptocurrencies, with the aim of generating profits.


Effective fund management requires a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, risk assessment, and a disciplined approach to decision-making. It involves setting clear investment objectives, diversifying the portfolio, and implementing risk management strategies to protect capital. Successful trading account fund management not only seeks to maximize returns but also prioritizes capital preservation, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach to financial markets.


Recently We announce for traders free account management and signal for selected clients in the globe. We will trade for the clients. In the First month you will see our performance then you may continue with us. We just manage your account. All profit goes to you and profit sharing as per stated below:-


Account Related Terms:

  • Equity above 4k+ to above upto $8k/Profit sharing 30/70 or monthly fee $400
  • Equity above 10k+ to above upto Unlimited/Profit sharing 20/80 or monthly fee $500
  • Account under our recommended broker


Recommended Forex Broker:
  1. Click to open a new account with ICMarkets
  2. Click to open a new account with XM
  • Account type : i) mt4 Standard Account¬† ii) Leverage : 1:500


Commitment and other terms:

  • No advance fees applicable
  • Minimum Monthly Profit 20% upto 30% Risk Free.
  • Profit Sharing weekly or monthly* basis.
  • Drawdown may be raise upto 15% and nothing more. It is depend on market volatility.
  • Payment option : Bitcoin /Bank Wire / Paypal / Skrill / Neteller.

Email : [email protected]

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