US500 Technical Analysis on dated 25-10-2022


The US500 is a cryptocurrency that was created in early 2018. It is based on the Ethereum platform, and it uses the same cryptographic algorithm as Bitcoin (Ethereum). The US500 has a total supply of 500 million coins, and each coin can be divided into 100 million units.


In the market today, there are a number of crypto currencies that investors and traders can choose from. However, among these cryptocurrencies, one stands out – US500.


What is US500?
US500 is a cryptocurrency designed to function as an alternative to fiat currency. Like other cryptocurrencies, it uses blockchain technology to secure its transactions and track its movements. But what sets US 500 apart is the fact that it’s backed by real estate assets. This means that each unit of US 500 contains a certain amount of value in terms of property rights (real estate or other holdings).


So how does this work?
When you purchase or sell units of US500 on exchanges like Coin Market Cap, you are actually buying or selling shares in underlying real estate properties. This allows investors to gain exposure to both traditional and new asset classes while also benefiting from growth potential inherent in the real estate market.


As long as the underlying properties continue to generate income (and they likely will), shareholders will be able to capture rising values over time without having any direct involvement in day-to-day operations (or risk!).


This innovative approach has already started generating some positive results: since launching in early 2018, prices for units of US 500 have appreciated by more than 70%. That’s definitely something worth investing into!


  • The primary trend remains bearish.
  • Trading within the Wedge formation.
  • A move higher faces tough resistance and we remain cautious on upside potential.
  • Selling spikes offers good risk/reward.


Recommendation: Sell/Sell limit @ 3800   TP/Target: 3700