Xauusd Technical analysis on dated 06-10-2022

Gold Trading

XAUUSD, also known as the gold-to-dollar currency pair, is a popular asset for traders and investors seeking insights into the global economic landscape. Analyzing XAUUSD analysis involves assessing a variety of factors that can influence its price. These factors include macroeconomic data, geopolitical events, and market sentiment.


One key aspect of XAUUSD technical analysis is its safe-haven status. Gold often rallies during times of uncertainty, making it an attractive option for investors looking to hedge against economic instability. Economic indicators like inflation rates, interest rates, and central bank policies can impact gold’s value, as they affect the opportunity cost of holding the precious metal versus other assets. Geopolitical tensions, such as trade disputes or conflicts, can also drive gold prices higher, as it’s considered a store of value in turbulent times.


Market sentiment plays a significant role in XAUUSD technical analysis, as trader psychology can lead to rapid price movements. Technical analysis, involving charts and patterns, is commonly used to identify potential entry and exit points. Moreover, fundamental analysis helps traders gauge the underlying strength or weakness of the gold market.


In conclusion, XAUUSD analysis is a multifaceted process that involves considering a wide range of economic, geopolitical, and psychological factors. It remains an essential asset for both short-term traders and long-term investors looking to navigate the ever-changing global financial landscape.


This suggests we may see a short term pullback into the consolidation lows or into the higher time frame lows of $1730.00 and resistance. A bearish rejection at these levels could invite the current sellers an opportunity to add to their positions. Gold is below 50 SMA on daily time frame.


We prefer to sell from this area 1730. If the resistance break at 1730 area; Gold will move up 1748/1760 area gradually. Consider the following instructions when you make a new trade on xauusd today-


  • The primary trend remains bearish
  • Prices expected to stall near trend line support
  • Support could prove difficult to breakdown
  • Dip selling offers good risk/reward
  • Although the anticipated move higher is corrective, it does offer ample risk/reward today.
Recommendations: Sell/Sell limit @ 1730     TP/Target: 1695

N.B: valid for next two days. Contact on Telegram.